At Alinea, our desire is that everyone who follows Jesus and calls Alinea home would partner together in proclaiming the Gospel.


This is a deep relationship in that we bear each other’s burdens, we hold each other accountable, we love each other unconditionally, and we work together, in unity, to keep the main thing the main thing – the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus for the forgiveness of sins (1 Corinthians 15:3-4). We have 4 classes available to aid you in taking your step of partnership with Alinea Church.


“I want to learn about you!” You have questions about us as a church. We get it! Here you will learn about the history of Alinea. Why are we here? How are we structured? How are decisions made? What does the leadership value?


“I want to learn about me!” Want to learn more about how God made you? This is critical in understanding your purpose on this planet. Why are you here?


 In this class, we learn about spiritual disciplines. How can we help you live out your Christian life better? How do you read the Bible? How do you pray? What is fasting? What does God ask of us in generosity?


How does all of this fit together? What are we called to do together? What is the mission of the global church and how do you fit in God’s purpose for the world?