James & John: Sons of Thunder

Today we’ll look at the two brothers, James and John. We’ll dive into why Jesus named them the Sons of Thunder, but more importantly, how their response to the call of Christ dictated the direction of their lives.

Speaker: Will McCabe
Sermon Date: February 18, 2024
Verses: Mark 3:7-12; Luke 9:51-55; Mark 10:35-41; Mark 1:19-21
Keywords: Calling, Identity, Preparedness, God’s Faithfulness

Bullet Points

  • God doesn’t call you because you’re ready. God calls you because He’s ready.
  • God sees something in us.
  • Push fear aside and answer God’s call

Questions to Ask

  1. Is there something God is asking me to do that I feel I’m not ready for?
  2. Who has seen potential in me? Who believed in me?
  3. Do I see potential in others? Do they know it?

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