Judas & Judas

They may have the same name, but their hearts were in completely different places. As we kick off our new series, Rednecks, learn how one disciple approached life critical and the other curious; one gave their life to Jesus, the other gave their heart.

Love Well

Everyone has an opinion of what love looks like. God, however, provided the best example and definition of love. This concept of love is important in loving God, loving others, and even loving ourselves.

Speaker: Pastor Jeremy Pickwell
Sermon Date: February 4, 2024
Verses: John 14:18-26; John 12:1-8
Keywords: Being curious; asking questions; criticism; being critical

Bullet Points

  • Ask questions, but don’t have a questioning spirit.
  • Be curious, not a critic.
  • Give Jesus your heart, not just your life.

Questions to Ask

  1. Am I overly critical?
  2. Do I ask questions to puff myself up or to understand?
  3. Am I in danger of spending my life with Jesus without being transformed?

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