Philip & Andrew

Friends are great! Today we’ll look at the two childhood friends of Philip and Andrew, how they seem to always be together, and how different their personalities are. One was a literal thinker. The other had an “anyway faith.”

Love Well

Everyone has an opinion of what love looks like. God, however, provided the best example and definition of love. This concept of love is important in loving God, loving others, and even loving ourselves.

Speaker: Pastor Jeremy Pickwell
Sermon Date: February 11, 2024
Verses: John 6:5-9; John 14:6-11; John 1:40-46
Keywords: Faith, Prayer, Inviting, Transformation

Bullet Points

  • Have an “anyway faith”
  • We don’t have to have the answers
  • Let your time with Jesus change you
  • Bring people to Jesus

Questions to Ask

  1. Do I try to figure out the answer before I bring the request to Jesus?
  2. Because of me, who knows Jesus now?
  3. Am I allowing the teachings of Jesus to truly change me?

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