Thomas the Sulker

Doubting Thomas? All of the disciples doubted. More like, sulking Thomas. Listen in as we learn that a life lived with a defeatist attitude can cause us to miss Jesus.

Speaker: Jeremy Pickwell
Sermon Date: March 10, 2024
Verses: John 14:1-7; John 11:16; John 20:19-25; John 20:26-29; Isaiah 26:3

Bullet Points

  • Thomas tended to be a defeatist, fatalist, and pessimist.
  • When we can’t see the solution, we live defeated.
  • When we only see the worst-case-scenario, we live as a fatalist.
  • When we live as a pessimist, we miss the Jesus-miracles in front of us.
  • The answer to negative thinking, isn’t positive thinking, it is Jesus-centric thinking.

Questions to Ask

  1. Do I tend to see the worst in situations?
  2. Do I miss Jesus because of my negative attitude?
  3. Instead of trying to fight negative thinking with positive thinking, how can I fix my attention and thinking on Jesus?

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