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Youth Ministry in Murfreesboro, TN

Training youth to be the church of today


Positioned at the crossroads of cultural upheaval, our Youth need more support than ever. We believe that by equipping them, we are empowering the church of today. Our mission “to bring heaven to humanity through the love of Jesus” extends to the younger generation, as we passionately strive to create an environment where they can encounter God, experience authentic community, and grow in their faith. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities they face, and through intentional discipleship, engaging teachings, and meaningful relationships, we aim to equip our Alinea Youth to navigate the complexities of the world and be a transformative force, bringing the love, grace, and hope of Jesus to their peers and communities. Our heart is to see them embrace their identity as the church of today, shining brightly as they live out their faith in a rapidly changing world.

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